Priority Issues

NTEU's legislative agenda was established during a meeting in Washington, D.C., of the Legislative Advisory Committee. This group of NTEU members from various federal agencies and NTEU chapters spent hours reviewing the legislative landscape for federal employees and then recommended four priority issues to National President Tony Reardon.

Agency Funding and Staffing

• Support sufficient agency funding for FY 2021 to keep agencies open and ensure they can meet their missions.
• Support additional funding to alleviate shortage of 2,231 Customs and Border Protection Officers and 671 CBP Agriculture Specialists.
• Support increases for IRS to make up for the loss of $636 million since 2010 and the loss of 29,000 full-time positions between 2010-19.
• Oppose legislation to undermine or abolish agencies that provide critical taxpayer services.

Federal Employee Pay

• Support H.R. 5690 and S. 3231, giving federal employees a 3.5 percent raise in 2021.
• Federal Salary Council reports federal employees earn 26.71 percent less than their private sector counterparts.
• Oppose administration request to make it harder for employees to receive step increases.
• Oppose administration proposal to give employees 1 percent increase across the board in 2021.

Federal Employee Benefits

• Support expansion of Paid Parental Leave into Paid Family Leave for federal employees.
• Oppose administration efforts to reduce retirement benefits.
• Since 2010, Congress has twice increased employee contributions to FERS, accounting for $21 billion in deficit reduction.
• Oppose shifting additional costs to enrollees in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program or other changes to the benefit structure.

Workplace Rights and Protections

• Support S. 3146, which prohibits agencies from implementing any collective bargaining agreement that was not mutually and voluntarily agreed upon by all parties or the result of binding arbitration.
• Support S. 530 and H.R. 1316 to re-establish the National Council on Federal Labor Management Relations.
• Support our professional, non-partisan civil service with employee collective bargaining and due process rights to prevent politicization of the civil service and protect whistleblowers.