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You can make a difference in your work life. Get educated on the most pressing legislative issues facing federal employees, learn about what NTEU is doing and take action. There's a lot at stake if you don’t stand up and speak up.

Oppose the President’s Proposed Cuts to Retirement

The administration’s fiscal 2018 budget proposal seeks severe cuts to federal employee retirement benefits and take home pay (read how this budget will impact your pay and benefits, and find talking points on these proposals here). While NTEU is aggressively fighting to defeat these harmful proposals, we can only stop these proposals from moving forward in Congress with your grassroots action:

Here are two things you can do to help preserve your existing pay and retirement benefits:

  1. Call your members of Congress today. 

  2. Email your members of Congress today.

Continue to contact your members of Congress every week so they know their federal employee constituents firmly oppose proposals to severely cut retirement benefits and take home pay.

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Yes! You can be involved in the nation's political process. Your rights depend on whether you are doing political or legislative activity. More


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