We believe federal employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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We are the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), a forward-thinking organization that believes in good government and the rights of every federal employee. 

NTEU has delivered many of the programs, benefits, and rights you value in your workplace. We are the driving force behind higher pay raises, telework programs, alternative work schedules, paid parental leave, FMLA, transit subsidies, and many other gains. In federal courts, NTEU has won precedent-setting victories for federal employees, including higher overtime rates and millions in back pay for those denied their proper compensation.

As an NTEU-represented employee, you have benefits, programs and resources well beyond what another federal employee may receive. That’s because we negotiate the most innovative contracts in the federal government that include performance awards, expanded telework, alternative work schedules, workplace protections, advancement opportunities, and more. And we enforce those agreements through vigorous representation of our members in arbitrations, administrative forums, the courts and more.

NTEU is where you are—in your workplace, solving problems, making sure you’re treated fairly, answering questions, and negotiating local agreements to improve your work life.

An investment in NTEU is an investment in your future. Join us today.

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