Anthony M. Reardon

Tony Reardon

Tony Reardon
National President

Tony Reardon has served as National President since August 2015. As the union’s top elected official, he is the spokesperson for the union representing NTEU with the media, Congress and agency leadership on issues important to union members and federal employees. Reardon leads NTEU’s efforts to achieve dignity and respect for all federal workers. In his more than 30 years with the union, Reardon also served as National Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Executive and Director of Operations.

Doreen Greenwald

Doreen Greenwald, NTEU NEVP

Doreen Greenwald
National Executive Vice President

Doreen Greenwald became National Executive Vice President in January 2022. Before her election, Greenwald served for two years as Special Assistant to the National President leading the COVID-19 response for NTEU’s largest bargaining unit. Greenwald had a 35-year career with the IRS, including more than 20 years as a revenue officer. She was a longtime leader of NTEU Chapter 1 (IRS Wisconsin), including 14 years as chapter president and has served on multiple term bargaining teams for national contracts.


Marjorie Wheeler
District 1

Susan Wright
District 2

Martin Berman
District 3

Fount Rowell
District 4

Julia-Anna Bardon
District 5

Robert Harrington
District 6

Christina Bennett
District 7

Julia Miller
District 8

Martha Solt
District 9

Jeff Eagan
District 10

Florence Cannon
District 11

David Atkinson
District 12

Blake Thomas
District 13

Eugene Gambardella
District 14

Jordan Lum
District 15