Are you tired of the constant barrage of attacks on your pay and benefits? You don’t have to sit idle on the sidelines and take it.

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TEPAC hatBy contributing to the Treasury Employees Political Action Committee (TEPAC) you can actively support those in Congress who protect federal employee interests and help send home—for good—those who don’t.

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There are three easy ways to contribute:

1. Contribute right now by credit card (select the yellow 'Donate to TEPAC' box on top of the page). You can make a one-time or recurring contribution online.

2. Sign-up to start contributing by payroll deduction or to increase your payroll contribution level. Mail your completed form to TEPAC.

3. Mail in your contribution to TEPAC by check, money order, or credit card with this authorization form. Checks should be made payable to TEPAC.

Our mailing address is:

800 K Street, NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20001


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Why Donate?

Those lawmakers who want to freeze your pay again and further cut agency staffing? You can help send them home.

You can send them home by supporting TEPAC, NTEU’s political action committee. TEPAC is funded by voluntary contributions from NTEU members like you, and never dues money. NTEU carefully and strategically decided which candidates of both parties to support based solely on their stance on federal employee issues.

At this time when federal employees are under fire like never before, a strong TEPAC is crucial. Over the past several years, dozen of proposals have been introduced in Congress that threaten your retirement, cut your pay and awards, undermine your health benefits and slash agency funding. Those who are working against federal employees are using their PACs to donate money to lawmakers who advance these harmful bills. It is imperative that NTEU match the opposition with our own collective efforts.

Act now and help make a difference in electing a Congress that will treat you and all federal employees with dignity and respect.

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