FTC Employees – Your Voice Matters, Join Us

NTEU’s mission is to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect. We do that in the courts, in Congress, at the bargaining table and in the media.

Belonging to NTEU gives you:

A Powerful Voice. We represent employees across 35 different federal agencies and departments that enjoy the strength and power that NTEU provides.

An Advocate in the CourtsFrom precedent-setting Supreme Court rulings that benefit federal employees to winning hundreds of millions of dollars in back pay, NTEU’s legal team is the best in the business. They are focused on every issue that impacts federal employees – from fair pay and representation rights to FOIA requests and fighting against the possible implementation of Schedule F

Vast Legislative Expertise. Our policy and legislative experts develop deep relationships with policymakers and, over the years, have helped shape numerous pieces of legislation to benefit the federal workforce and retirees. They also have helped agencies achieve desired legislative changes, like securing additional funding, enhancing statutory authority, and standing up for the agency when it becomes fodder for political attacks. Just as importantly, they prevent harmful policies from becoming law.

Excellent Communications. We work to tell the story of federal employees—your story—to Congress and the American public by leveraging the national and regional media and through our own public service campaigns. NTEU’s member-only communications provide breaking news and information.

The Best Contracts in the Federal Sector. NTEU bargains performance awards programs that recognize exemplary work, telework, workplace protections, and advancement opportunities, just to name a few. Some NTEU chapters have focused on pay equity through negotiating compensation where applicable, achieving pay parity by moving agencies off the General Schedule when possible, and working with agencies to create a pay reset process to fairly recognize and compensate employees for prior experience.

Outstanding Workplace Representation. Highly-trained local leaders work with our national field representatives to effectively represent members in grievances, arbitrations and to resolve employee issues at the lowest possible level.

Interested in organizing a union at your workplace? Email NTEU Organizer Lee Fischer to learn more and get involved!

Note: NTEU is organizing attorneys, economists, investigators, and other eligible positions not represented by an existing bargaining unit.

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