NTEU makes it easy for members to stay on top of federal employee news and take action on key workplace issues. Our member-only communications provide you with up-to-date news and information from Capitol Hill and the courts to the bargaining table and your workplace.

Print Publications

NTEU Bulletin Sept.-Oct.
The NTEU Bulletin

NTEU Bulletin The union’s flagship publication, mailed ten times a year to members, features analysis and in-depth coverage of the issues affecting you and NTEU’s efforts to improve your workplace.

Member Benefits Guide NTEU membership has benefits even beyond your workplace. Learn how your membership card can get you exclusive money-saving discounts on everything from travel and insurance to phone service and shopping clubs.

Status Call Get a round-up of some of the key legal battles NTEU is waging on behalf of federal employees.

Electronic Publications

NTEU e-Bulletin Our weekly e-newsletter keeps members up-to-date on the latest federal employee news and inspires you to take action.

NTEU Political Insider This periodic newsletter offers NTEU members an inside look at what’s happening in Congress that affects federal employees how to make your voice heard.