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Funding Path Still Uncertain on Capitol Hill

With less than two weeks until the Sept. 30 funding deadline, Congress has made little progress on a deal to keep the government open past the end of the fiscal year. Over the weekend, a coalition of Republican members released a continuing resolution (CR) that would keep the government operating through Oct. 31 but with deep funding cuts to most federal agencies and controversial policy riders.

This CR proposal would not pass the Senate or have White House approval. It is unclear whether the bill will be brought to the House floor since several House Republicans have announced their opposition and it doesn’t appear to have the votes to pass.

As the deadline approaches, NTEU will continue to press lawmakers to keep the government open and not cause employees and the American public the anxiety of another shutdown.

Can We Reach You? Update Your Personal Contact Information

If there is a government shutdown, NTEU will need to communicate with members using personal email addresses since some employees will not have access to their government accounts. Be sure we can reach you by updating your contact information on NTEU.org.

To check or update your information, log into NTEU.org and click on “Manage Account” in the yellow box. There, you can change or add contact information and help ensure you get breaking news from NTEU.

Learn about the Serious Threat of Schedule F

The Office of Personnel Management is taking an important step to safeguard the basic rights of federal employees if there’s another attempt at a Schedule F scheme.

Last week, OPM published a draft rule, triggered by an NTEU petition, to protect the due process rights of frontline federal employees if a president hostile to the civil service tries to strip them away.

Learn more about how Schedule F would negatively impact the civil service, what NTEU is doing to fight it and how you can take action.

Reminder: Administrative Leave Available for COVID Vaccinations

Federal employees can use up to four hours of administrative leave to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, including the new booster, as outlined in previous guidance from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force. The administrative leave covers the time it takes to travel to the vaccination site, receive the vaccine and return to work. It is also available to federal employees who accompany a family member to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Additionally, agencies must grant up to two full days of administrative leave if an employee develops symptoms or an adverse reaction after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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