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NTEU Joins in Opposition to Fiscal Commission

NTEU joined Rep. John Larson (D-CT) and other public and private-sector unions last week in condemning legislation to create a Fiscal Commission to propose “reforms” to address the deficit that could target federal employee pay and benefits as well as programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Under the legislation, a commission would be established that is comprised of a small group of lawmakers and non-elected individuals with the power to recommend cuts to vital federal programs with little to no opportunity for the public to weigh in. Any package of reforms would be subject to an up or down vote in Congress without providing lawmakers’ the ability to offer to vote on amendments.

The bill passed out of the Budget Committee. We will continue to work with our allies to push back against attempts to attach the language to any must-pass appropriations bills.

Arbitrary Treasury Directive Ignores Telework Success

NTEU vehemently opposes the Department of the Treasury’s directive to reduce telework across all of Treasury’s agencies and divisions, including the IRS. This directive doubles down on unwise guidance from the Office of Management and Budget that seeks to drive employees back to the office without any persuasive rationale for doing so.

Bargaining unit employees are protected by their NTEU contracts and those rights cannot be erased by Treasury’s decision. National President Doreen Greenwald spoke to Federal News Network about the union’s opposition to this change.

Telework is an indispensable workplace flexibility that helps federal agencies recruit and retain skilled employees without sacrificing productivity, a fact that NTEU witnesses first-hand every day and is backed up by the Treasury Department’s own assessment provided to Congress just a few months ago.

The directive seeks that teleworkers spend half of their time in the office by May 5. NTEU stands ready to fight any efforts to extend the plan to bargaining unit employees.

Free TSP Webinar for NTEU Members

The federal employee retirement experts at United Benefits are hosting a free webinar exclusively for NTEU members to learn more about how to protect and grow your Thrift Savings Plan. The webinar is on Tuesday, March 12 at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., ET. Topics include individual fund choices and lifecycle funds, asset allocation/diversification, traditional vs. ROTH IRAs and more.

Learn more and register today.

Puerto Rico Chapters Prepare for Tour, Chapter 286 Hosts Event


Left: Chapter 286 (SAMHSA) hosted a lunch and learn last week with special guest National President Doreen Greenwald. Chapter Executive Vice President Wilson Washington discussed how the chapter is working for its members, while Greenwald gave highlights from the NTEU-HHS contract and the union’s work on Capitol Hill.

Right: Last month, Chapters 188 (CBP Puerto Rico) and 193 (IRS Puerto Rico) kicked off their joint post of duty tour in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The chapters will visit one workstation each month throughout Puerto Rico to discuss the rights and benefits secured by NTEU and hear from employees about their workplaces.

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NTEU celebrates Black History Month

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