Congress Clears Another CR

Congress passed another continuing resolution to keep the government funded, averting a partial government shutdown. 

The newly passed CR extends funding, under the laddered approach, through March 1 and March 8. President Biden is expected to sign it.

This marks the third extension of government funding in this fiscal year that is already nearly four months old. And, it leaves open the threat of a shutdown in March creating additional instability for federal agencies, employees and the American public. NTEU is on record, repeatedly, in asking Congress to end the cycle of continuing resolutions and fund the government at appropriate levels for the fiscal year. As each funding deadline approaches, federal agencies are forced to waste valuable time and resources in planning for a possible lapse in appropriations and employees anxiously wait and watch to see if Congress does its job.

Top leadership in Congress believes this extension provides time for both bodies to complete work on individual appropriations bills to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. Thank you to the thousands of union members who, as each funding deadline approached, contacted their representatives to ask them to do their job to fund the government and avoid a shutdown.