President Again Calls for 5.2% Pay Hike

Federal employees would get their largest pay raise in 43 years under President Biden’s announcement that officially proposes to increase salaries by an average of 5.2 percent. 

Frontline federal employees earn 24.09 percent less than people in similar private sector jobs, according to the Federal Salary Council, so Biden’s plan would help chip away at that deficit and make federal employment more competitive. Federal salaries have not kept pace with inflation in recent years, making it harder for employees to keep up with rising prices. 

Compared to the extreme platforms of some presidential candidates to eliminate entire federal agencies and layoff hundreds of thousands of federal workers, it is gratifying to see the White House treat the workforce with respect. 

Congress has been silent on a federal pay raise, deferring to the president’s proposal for an average 5.2 percent pay increase next year.