Priority Issues

Our legislative agenda is set for the year, and now it’s time to advocate for the issues that impact you, your family and your daily working life now and into the future. 

NTEU leaders from chapters across the country met to discuss our legislative grassroots program and agenda for 2024. The LAC members recommended that the following issues would be NTEU’s legislative priorities for the year.

Stand up, take legislative action and bring others on board to fight for our future!

Increasing Federal Pay
Supporting an average7.4 percent pay raise in 2025
Addressing pay compression
Codify a $15 minimum wage for all workers

Protecting and Expanding Benefits
Fighting for paid family leave
Blocking efforts to reduce retirement benefits or increase employee contributions
Making permanent reforms to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
Supporting greater coverage of mental health services

Promoting and Protecting Telework and Remote Work
Opposing legislation that would roll back telework programs
Supporting legislation to strengthen and expand telework and remote work programs

Ensuring Agency Funding and Staffing
Advocating for staffing
Fighting for resources for our agencies

Safeguarding Workplace Rights and Safety
Fighting back against threats and rhetoric targeting federal employees
Protecting employee due process and collective bargaining rights
Ensuring a workplace that is free from hostile and discriminatory practices