With NTEU, You Have a Strong Voice

We fight hard for HHS employees and we get results.

NTEU is the driving force behind many workplace rights and benefits including higher pay raises, telework programs, paid parental leave, FMLA, transit subsidies and many others.

In federal courts, NTEU has won precedent-setting victories for federal employees including higher overtime rates and millions in back pay for those denied their proper compensation.

NTEU is where you are—in your workplace, solving problems, making sure you’re treated fairly, answering questions and negotiating local agreements to improve your work life. Find out who your NTEU representative is, get the facts about our union and join us!

It's in Your NTEU Contract

Your five-year contract (2023-2028) is the strongest NTEU has negotiated at HHS. We protected critical rights and benefits, while securing new workplace flexibilities and increased performance awards. NTEU also codified the student loan repayment program, childcare subsidy and bicycle reimbursement in the contract. Here's just a glimpse at what's inside your NTEU contract:

- More options for alternative work schedules and flexible work schedules, including a mid-day flex option and variable week schedule.

Expanded opportunities for telework and remote work.

- Broadened eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy Program – the total family income threshold is increased to $75,000.

- Increased performance awards and greater flexibility for employees choosing cash or time off awards.

- Added protections for employees throughout the Performance Management Appraisal Program process.

-A greater say in your workplaceEmployees have an opportunity, through their NTEU chapters, to provide input on agency plans for relocations and space reconfigurations before decisions are made.

Support the union that delivered this strong contract–and protects your rights and benefits into the future!