NTEU 101

What can a union do for you? Plenty. NTEU has delivered many of the programs, benefits and rights you value in your workplace. With your support, we can protect these gains and deliver more.

You may have questions about joining NTEU and whether a union is for you. Here are answers—and a few good reasons why you should join us.


Why a union?

When you think of union members, you might not think of federal employees. But our members are lawyers, CPAs, IT experts, scientists, law enforcement officers and clerks in our federal government.

Our union is a progressive organization that believes in good government and fights for the rights of every federal employee. We are part of the movement that ended child labor and created the weekend.

Many of the rights and benefits that attracted you to a federal career were not handed to us by Congress or agency management. Through years of hard work, NTEU members won them on Capitol Hill, at the bargaining table and by having a say in their workplaces.

What does NTEU do?

We fight hard for federal employees and we get results. NTEU is the driving force behind many workplace rights and benefits including higher pay raises, telework programs, paid parental leave, FMLA, transit subsidies and many others.

In federal courts, NTEU has won precedent-setting victories for federal employees including higher overtime rates and millions in back pay for those denied their proper compensation.

NTEU is where you are—in your workplace, solving problems, making sure you’re treated fairly, answering questions and negotiating local agreements to improve your work life.

What is a contract and why should it matter to me?

Your contract is the most important document in your working life. It provides for workplace programs, benefits and protections, and creates a process for resolving workplace disputes. It holds management accountable and ensures everyone has equal opportunities.

As an NTEU-represented employee, you have benefits, programs and resources well beyond what another federal employee may receive. That’s because we negotiate the most innovative contracts in the federal government, including performance awards, telework, alternative work schedules, workplace protections, advancement opportunities and more. Only members have input into the bargaining process and what issues NTEU will advocate for on your behalf. Once a contract takes effect, NTEU makes sure management follows your contract.

Why do I need NTEU on Capitol Hill?

Members of Congress set the rules that govern your workplace in many critical ways. And you can bet they hear from us before making any decisions about your pay, retirement, health insurance, job security and more. It’s easy to ignore a single voice calling for a fair pay raise or paid parental leave, but when NTEU members speak collectively on an issue, we are impossible to ignore. We are a powerful force.

A strong membership is a strong voice. Whether it’s at the bargaining table or on Capitol Hill, the more members we have, the greater our clout to protect and build on your pay, benefits, workplace programs and rights. An investment in NTEU is an investment in your future. Join us today.

Am I automatically a member of NTEU?

As a bargaining unit employee, you are eligible to join NTEU but not automatically a member. To become a member, you must sign our membership form, which is fully electronic, secure and can be completed from anywhere.

As an NTEU member, you join a union that works for you. You have a say in our agenda, locally and nationally. You vote on contracts, choose your own local leaders and become part of a nationwide effort on Capitol Hill.