Want Representation? Bring NTEU to Your Workplace

How and why to join NTEU

Are you interested in improving your workplace? Wondering how NTEU could help you?

When you think of union members you might not think of yourself. But increasingly, union members are also lawyers, CPAs, bank examiners, IT experts, scientists, doctors and researchers. The fact is that the quality of your work life can be dramatically improved by union representation, through contract negotiations, educating and lobbying Congress on agency funding and other matters, in the courts and administrative agencies and more.

NTEU represents employees across a variety of agencies and departments. Our members are law enforcement officers, scientists, attorneys and cyber-security experts. They are revenue officers, food inspectors and bank examiners. They are federal employees like you.

The reality of the American workplace is you often don't get what you deserve; instead, you get what you negotiate. To that end, NTEU’s contracts have a well-deserved reputation for being the best in the federal sector. Our goal is simple: to bring stronger workplace rights and protections to our members, and to hold management accountable.

NTEU's expertise at the bargaining table is reflected in such gains as alternative work schedules, telework, fair evaluations and promotions processes, transit subsidies, performance awards and much more. We ensure employees have a voice in the decision-making process and have expert job site representation. 

The first step to bringing NTEU—and our contracts—to your workplace is to contact us. If there is sufficient interest among your co-workers, we will work to build on this support and a union election may be held. During an election period, we work with teams of employees to help educate their coworkers about the benefits of NTEU representation.

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