Even the most successful employees benefit from NTEU’s protection. NTEU is your partner, helping you navigate the workplace throughout your federal career.


All NTEU members are part of a local NTEU chapter with experienced and trained officers (called stewards) ready to assist you. Whether you have a simple question or a complex problem, your NTEU representative will stand with you and for you.

NTEU chapter leaders are your coworkers.

They are in your workplace and understand your concerns and needs, and are willing to stand up for you.

NTEU is your partner from day one of your federal career.

During your probationary period, NTEU is your resource as you navigate your new workplace. We can answer questions on your rights, career advancement and evaluations.

NTEU can make sure you are treated fairly.

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with a manager. For other issues, your chapter can help you file a grievance through a process NTEU negotiated in your contract that protects your rights.