When you belong to NTEU, you stand with thousands of members united in their belief that the work of the federal government makes a difference to our country. Together, we are dedicated to improving the working lives of federal employees.

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The 1187 form is not hard to fill out, below are a few pointers to consider before you click through.

What is an 1187? The 1187 form is used by federal agencies and federal payroll processors to assign membership to the correct employee and initiate withdrawal of bi-weekly membership dues:

  • You will be redirected to a secure portal that allows you to sign the form digitally, and an email will be sent to you to assist with authentication. It only takes a few moments.

  • Once at the form, the required fields are marked. Please be sure to include your NTEU chapter number. If you don’t know it a chapter steward or another NTEU member can help. No one around? No worries. Leave it blank and we will be in touch with a few follow-up questions. Get detailed instructions for completing the form.

  • Finally, the form requires your Social Security number. The payroll processor needs that to ensure that membership goes to the right employee. Given the size of the federal government, a name match simply isn’t enough. Your information—SSN, phone number and email address—is secure and never shared or sold.

  • Click below to get started and welcome. 

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With NTEU, your data is secure. We use secure portals and encryption to protect the information you provide us in this 1187.

How much will I pay in dues?

Dues for NTEU members are based on a graduated percentage scale set in NTEU’s Bylaws. The percentage is applied to a member’s base salary each bi-weekly pay period.  If a member is in non-pay status, the member pays no dues. The following dues amounts provide general examples of the total amount of dues, including local chapter dues, one might pay in the following grade ranges on the General Schedule.  Note that these are ballpark figures only, and actual dues amounts will vary, depending on the member’s grade and step, locality pay area, and local chapter dues. 

Grades 1-5: $16 per pay period (every 2 weeks)
Grades 6-10:  $19 per pay period
Grades 11-15: $23 per pay period.

Are you interested in higher pay, a secure retirement, improved work-life balance and input into workplace decisions? If the answer is "yes," then NTEU is for you.

The work you do every day makes our country stronger, safer and more prosperous.

You deserve respect, a fair paycheck, a secure retirement and a voice in your workplace. And that’s exactly what NTEU fights for every day.

We are on the front lines securing higher pay raises, improving your benefits, protecting your pension from cuts and ensuring you have meaningful input in your workplace. And NTEU gets results.

On Capitol Hill, we’ve reversed proposed pay freezes, prevented harmful cuts to your retirement and health care, and after a 20-year fight, we won the first-ever paid parental leave program in the federal workforce. Any time an elected official makes a decision that impacts your livelihood and your workplace, NTEU is there to ensure they hear your perspective.

NTEU negotiates innovate contracts that meet your needs. Our contracts provide for workplace programs, benefits and protections, and create a process for resolving workplace disputes. Highly-trained local leaders are in your workplace making sure your contract is enforced and providing one-on-one assistance for employees to resolve issues that arise.

Being an NTEU member means getting the respect you deserve for the important work you do. Join today by submitting an 1187 form online OR print and complete an 1187 and give it to any chapter official