Chapter 68 Bring Retirement Concerns to Congressional Office

Chapter 68
When NTEU put out the call to chapters to visit their congressional offices on the threats to federal pay and pensions, Chapter 68 (IRS Andover Campus) listened.

Chapter leaders recently visited the congressional office of Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) to deliver an important message: oppose the administration¹s severe proposal to cut federal employee take-home pay and retirement benefits.

"It's vital that all federal employees get involved," said Chapter 68 President Gary Karibian. "With falling budgets, weak pay raises, proposed cuts to salary by way of increased pension contributions, this is a very difficult time to be a federal employee."

This was a particularly important visit because Rep. Moulton sits on the powerful House Budget Committee. The committee holds hearings on the president's annual budget request to Congress and drafts the Congressional Budget Resolution, which sets overall spending guidelines for Congress.

Right now, the cuts are just proposals and Congress has the final authority to change federal retirement. That¹s why NTEU is urging every member--and even your friends and family--to get involved in the fight today by calling and emailing your elected officials

"NTEU is a strong advocate for our members, but we need the help of everyone out there at this crucial time," said Karibian. "We just can't wait for tomorrow anymore. We need to act now and act together-our jobs and livelihoods literally depend on it."

Act now.