Service Pin Winners

NTEU recognizes this long-term commitment by presenting leaders who have reached significant milestones with a Years of Service pin. 

35 years of service
Dan Harbaugh-Chapter 64 (IRS West Virginia)
Barbara Taylor-Chapter 222 (IRS Houston)

30 years of service
Charles Magarian-Chapter 11 (IRS Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont)
Dana Brewer-Chapter 52 (IRS South Texas)
Jeff Johnson-Chapter 242 (FDIC Chicago)

25 years of service
Louis St. Laurent-Chapter 11 (IRS Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont)
Donna Roberts-Chapter 18 (IRS Hartford)
Dawn Sleva-Chapter 242 (FDIC Chicago)
Dan Peters-Chapter 242 (FDIC Chicago)
Lisa Sorge-Chapter 242 (FDIC Chicago)
Gerald Andersen-Chapter 242 (FDIC Chicago)
Dorinda Lyght- Chapter 268 (FNS Southeast Region)

20 years of service
David Carrone-Chapter 6 (IRS Arkansas/Louisiana)
Marjorie Wheeler-Chapter 6 (IRS Arkansas/Louisiana)
Kerri Pellegrini-Chapter 6 (IRS Arkansas/Louisiana)
Betty Stalbert- Chapter 6 (IRS Arkansas/Louisiana)
Joel Resendez-Chapter 52 (IRS South Texas)
Yuvonne Riser-Chapter 64 (IRS West Virginia)
Julie Lund-Chapter-Chapter85 (IRS Las Vegas)
Fred GreenChapter-Chapter 85 (IRS Las Vegas)
Rich Munoz-Chapter 140 (CBP Dallas/Fort Worth)
Joyce Segura-Chapter 293 (SEC)
Dan Barry-Chapter 293 (SEC)
Danny Gay-Chapter 293 (SEC)
Jeff Little-Chapter 293 (SEC)
Greg Gilman-Chapter 293 (SEC)