Communications Award Winners

NTEU chapter develops its own communications program in a way that best suits their members, their workplaces and their issues. The variety and the creativity that infuse the communications programs of NTEU chapters took this competition to new heights. Whether seasoned pros or bright new stars, our award-winning chapters excel at informing and engaging their members. 

Top Communications Award Winners
Top Prize: Chapter 173 (CBP Detroit) and Chapter 293 (SEC)
Both of these chapter's have excelled for years and keeping getting better!

At Chapter 173, beneath all of the videos and channels and apps and memes, is a rock-solid approach to educating members on their contractual rights, and how they should be enforced. Chapter leaders share their expertise in a forthright way, giving members a sense of security that their workplace is in good hands. They have a command of the subject matter, while conveying a real passion for our union and a strong sense of service. As a bonus, their fun and lively gatherings put the chapter at the center of the social scene, and create a chapter community.

Chapter 293 membership spreads across the country. The chapter runs a comprehensive website, with information any SEC employee would need at their fingertips regarding their rights, benefits and workplace, plus news from Capitol Hill that impacts the federal workforce. Underneath all of the messaging, however, is a sophistical database tool that allows this chapter to tailor messages to certain groups of employees. This bit of technology makes their overall comms program precise and effective. It is very clear that 293 uses this wrap-around approach to communications to keep members informed, first and foremost, but every message is an opportunity to recruit new members and retain current members. The end result is what they call a perpetual communications campaign, and it is impressive.

Second Place: Chapter 224 (SSA OHO)
When the agency prohibited the use of agency emails for chapter communications, this team engineered a workaround using its website and an alert to employees that something new had published. They use communication products geared to the whole BU, and some that are member-only, which showcases one of the many benefits of membership.

Third Place: Chapter 193 (IRS Puerto Rico)
This is a chapter communications program that knows its audience, and finds a way to reach them in a voice that they will respond to. In particular is the creative use of WhatsApp, and the strong influence of a steward group that keeps the chapter updated on a host of essential topics. This steward involvement and training is incredibly important for the future growth of the chapter, and shows non-members the high level of dedication within the chapter.

Winning Submissions by Bargaining Unit Size

BU of up to 750
Chapter 9 (IRS Cincinnati) 
Chapter 226 (FNS Headquarters)

BU of 751 to 1,500
Chapter 26 (IRS Georgia)
Chapter 68 (IRS Andover Campus)

BU above 1,500
Chapter 66 (IRS Kansas City Service Center) 
Chapter 67 (IRS Ogden)
Chapter 128 (CBP Headquarters)
Chapter 280 (EPA Headquarters)

Best Use of Media
Chapter 49 (IRS Indiana)