IRS Halts Field Visits Out of Concerns for Employee Safety

Press Release July 24, 2023

WASHINGTON – IRS revenue officers will no longer make unannounced visits to taxpayer homes or businesses under a new agency policy that the National Treasury Employees Union believes will help protect the safety of IRS employees around the country. 


NTEU chapter leaders and members who do field collection work asked IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel for changes that would reduce their risk, in addition to the union’s request last year that the agency review employee safety protocols at all IRS workplaces. 


“There is nothing more important than keeping our federal employees safe on the job, which is why we commend IRS leadership for this decision halting all unannounced taxpayer visits,” said NTEU National President Tony Reardon. “The revenue officers we represent will continue to efficiently and effectively carry out their mission of helping taxpayers meet their lawful tax obligations through other means of communication.” 


IRS revenue officers for decades have met with taxpayers to help bring them into compliance with the tax code and collect the tax revenue that is rightfully owed. 


“Unfortunately, the hostile rhetoric and false claims about IRS employees have made their work more dangerous in recent years,” Reardon said. “As long as elected officials continue to mislead the American people about the legal, legitimate role that IRS employees play in our democracy, NTEU will continue to insist on better security for the employees we represent.” 


He added: “It is outrageous that our nation’s civil servants have to live in fear just because they chose a career in public service. Once again, I call on certain members of Congress to immediately stop spreading lies about the IRS and its employees and recognize that their inflammatory comments can have dangerous consequences.” 


NTEU represents employees in 34 federal agencies and offices.