NTEU Supports Rule Change on Union Dues

Press Release December 21, 2022

WASHINGTON – A new proposed rule from the Federal Labor Relations Authority would restore longstanding precedent regarding union dues and maintain the stability for federal sector unions that Congress intended, said NTEU National President Tony Reardon.  
The proposal, published today in response to a petition from NTEU, seeks public comment on whether the FLRA should amend or rescind its 2020 regulation and return the union dues revocation process to what had been in place since 1981.  That process allowed union members—who agree voluntarily to have union dues deducted from their paychecks—to revoke those dues agreements during an annual window, as outlined in their collective bargaining agreements. 
NTEU earlier this year urged the FLRA to revisit the 2020 regulation because it had overturned 40 years of labor-management law and was a blatant attempt by the former administration to weaken federal sector unions and the ability of federal employees to have a strong voice in the workplace.  
Federal employees when they choose to join NTEU are made aware of the annual dues revocation period and every year some members choose to revoke, a fair process that has worked well for decades. A dues collection agreement of one year is required by the statute governing federal sector labor relations. 
“We support the FLRA’s proposed rule because it follows law and precedent and gives our employee-run chapters the stability they need to focus on representing all of the employees in their bargaining units,” Reardon said. “I am confident that, when the FLRA’s regulatory process concludes, NTEU will have once again beaten back an attempt by the previous administration to weaken unions.” 
NTEU represents employees in 34 federal agencies and offices.