NTEU Congratulates President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris

Press Release November 7, 2020

Washington D.C. – The National Treasury Employees Union today congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their historic victory, which will put true advocates for the merit-based civil service back in the White House and restore a culture of respect for federal employees across the country. 

NTEU, which represents federal employees in 33 different agencies and offices, endorsed Biden and Harris in July because of their proven record of respecting the nation’s public servants and their support for fair pay and benefits and robust workplace rights.  

“All across America today, federal employees are looking forward to a Biden-Harris administration because it will fight for fair pay and adequate agency funding, value the expertise of career civil servants and safeguard their pensions and health insurance,” said NTEU National President Tony Reardon.  

NTEU members in every state contributed to the presidential victory by volunteering on their own time to educate voters on how a Biden-Harris administration would improve the workplace.  

"Federal employees are also eager for the imminent demise of a series of harmful executive orders from President Trump attacking the civil service,” Reardon said. “President-elect Biden assured us that collective bargaining rights and full union representational duties would be restored, just as the law requires.”  

Reardon said a Biden-Harris administration would unleash the full potential of the federal workforce to resolve the nation’s biggest problems, including overseeing safe covid-19 vaccine development and treatments, advancing science and research on climate change solutions, and ensuring economic recovery programs are fair to everyone who has lost so much during the pandemic.   

“Federal employees stand ready, no matter who is president, to serve the taxpayers but there is no doubt the job is made easier when they have the resources – and respect – they deserve,” Reardon said.