NTEU Urges Quick Action on Appropriations, Pay Raise

Press Release August 1, 2019

Washington D.C. – The bipartisan two-year budget deal approved by Congress is a welcome step toward avoiding another treacherous government shutdown this year and now Congress must approve agency appropriations bills on time, said Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union.

“NTEU applauds lawmakers for providing some much-needed stability for the men and women of the federal workforce,” Reardon said. “Anything that helps prevent deep cuts in agency funding is a relief to federal employees and the taxpayers they serve.”

Once the budget agreement is signed by the president, Congress has to approve the regular appropriations bills by Oct. 1, the start of the 2020 fiscal year.

“In addition to adequate funding for federal agencies, NTEU members around the country will be very vocal in the coming weeks about including a 3.1 percent federal employee pay raise for next year,” Reardon said. “The House already approved the raise for 2020, which would help the government recruit and retain the skilled workers it needs. The Senate should follow suit.”

A 3.1 percent federal pay raise would match the increase that has been approved for military servicemembers.

NTEU is pleased that the budget agreement raises the artificial spending caps that would have been imposed by sequestration and increases the debt ceiling, both of which help pave the way for a less contentious appropriations process.

“Federal employees are counting on Congress and the administration to finish the job by passing appropriations bills into law, on time, and giving federal employees the fair pay they deserve,” Reardon said.

NTEU represents 150,000 employees at 33 federal agencies and departments.