Federal Benefits Open Season is Here

Each fall, plans in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program change. 

Sometimes it’s coverage of certain treatments and medicines, other times it may be the list of in-network physicians.

Federal employees and retirees have a four-week window to evaluate those changes and decide whether they are significant enough to warrant a change in coverage.

Yet, few do make changes. According to the Office of Personnel Management, less than 5 percent of federal enrollees change their health plans during open season.

To help you make informed, and potentially cost-saving decisions, NTEU is once again offering members-only access at no cost to the interactive Consumers’ Checkbook plan comparison tool. By answering a few questions about yourself and your family, the tool provides a personalized total cost estimate (including premium and out-of-pocket costs) for every plan allowing you to see which plans might save you the most money or provide the most coverage. The Guide shows what each plan will cost you in an “average” year and in years when your medical costs are higher or lower than average.