Greenwald Talks IRS Funding and NTEU’s Future in New Interview

NTEU’s role in giving frontline federal employees a strong voice in the workplace was the focus of a new media appearance by NTEU National President Doreen Greenwald. 

Greenwald’s interview with The Federal Drive with Tom Temin was broadcast on a Washington D.C. radio station during the morning and evening rush hour on Tuesday, and a transcript is now posted at Federal News Network. 

“We have a very strong union and 35 federal agencies. We have a new generation coming on board in the federal government. And I want people to be proud of being federal servants once again and proud of their union. And so I’m going to look to expand and educate people about the role of a union in the federal government and how important it is to federal employees,” Greenwald said. 

The 10-minute audio and a written transcript are available at this link