Standing in Solidarity with the UAW

Last night, members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) launched a historic strike against the “Big Three” automakers. Tens of thousands of UAW members are picketing at three Midwest plants in Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

These union members have made a tough choice in choosing to go out on strike and demand that they be paid fair wages that reflect the success of the auto industry. In 2007, when the automakers were facing financial trouble, UAW members agreed to concessions to help the industry. Those days are gone and the Big Three are now raking in record profits. In fact, the combined profits of the Big Three over the last decade have reached a quarter trillion dollars.

Although federal employees can’t strike, we know the value of collective effort. Our unity and willingness to stand with each other contribute to our success at the bargaining table, and our efforts in Congress fighting for fair pay, benefits and good working conditions.

Let’s stand with our fellow union members in standing up for their rights. The UAW’s website suggests ways to show your support.

In solidarity,

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Doreen P. Greenwald
NTEU National President