After Agency Refusal, Chapter 336 Wins AWS for Caregivers

Flexible work schedules can make all the difference in retaining skilled, experienced employees who are facing personal hardships. Recent cases involving two members of Chapter 336 (National Park Service, National Capital Region) underscore the importance of negotiating alternative work schedules in our contracts and enforcing these rights.

The employees requested AWS to help them manage their workplace responsibilities while caring for family members with serious health issues. Although NPS acknowledged that the employees’ situations qualified as hardships, management denied their AWS requests.

Even after the chapter filed grievances on behalf of the employees, the agency didn’t budge. Right as NTEU was about to bring the cases to arbitration, NPS agreed to approve the employees’ AWS requests.

One year later, Chapter Steward Justin Patino checked in with the employees and helped one of them with ongoing caregiver responsibilities secure a permanent AWS arrangement.

“Cases like these, help show our chapter that we are here for them during some of their most difficult times,” said Patino.

While NTEU continues to negotiate and enforce flexible work schedules, the union is also on Capitol Hill fighting for a comprehensive paid family leave program for employees who experience a long-term medical crisis. Learn how you can help.