Updated: New HHS Contract to Take Effect July 2

The new five-year NTEU-HHS agreement passed agency head review and takes effect July 2. 

Members recently voted overwhelmingly in favor and all chapters unanimously ratified the agreement, a significant milestone after years of contentious legal battles.

Some of the new contract highlights include:


 More options for alternative work schedules and flexible work schedules.


 Expanded Child Care Subsidy Program eligibility – the total family income threshold is increased to $75,000.


 Increased performance awards and greater flexibility for employees choosing cash or time off awards.


 Added protections for employees throughout the Performance Management Appraisal Program process.

The new contract made headlines in Federal News Network.

“The agreement shows that good faith bargaining and fair negotiations can lead to a contract that will benefit the employees and improve their ability to meet the agency’s important missions,” National President Tony Reardon said.