NTEU Supports IRS Multi-Year Plan to Improve Services

The IRS on Thursday released a plan for how the agency will use the $80 billion in new funding provided last year by the Inflation Reduction Act.

NTEU advocated for the influx of funding and supports the IRS multi-year plan designed to improve services to Americans to help them meet their tax obligations. 

“The plan recognizes that as our nation grows and the tax system is increasingly complex the IRS requires appropriate funding, staffing and technology to meet its mission,” said National President Tony Reardon.

The funding has already helped improve taxpayer services during the current filing season.  

The Strategic Operating Plan proposes to use the IRA funding to rebuild and modernize the agency by providing the necessary staffing to deliver services to taxpayers, technology to make compliance with tax laws easier and expanded enforcement efforts for large corporations and partnerships and for high wealth individuals with complex returns.

As the IRS notes, its employees are its greatest asset, and the plan rightly focuses on the importance of a workforce that has the tools and resources it needs to deliver for American taxpayers. That includes increased staffing, proper training, modern technology, and systems.

“We are committed to ensuring that IRS employees have a workplace that respects their talents, and fair pay and benefits to attract new workers and retain experienced employees,” said Reardon. “And NTEU stands ready to assist the IRS in achieving those goals.”