FEHB to Expand Fertility Coverage in 2024

The Office of Personnel Management recently released its annual carrier call letter instructing plans to expand fertility coverage.

The FEHB Program currently covers the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, but does not provide coverage for “assisted reproductive technologies (ART)” or other fertility-related procedures. 

The letter states that FEHB carriers are required to provide coverage of artificial insemination, drugs associated with artificial insemination procedures and the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF)-related drugs for three cycles each year.

“OPM strongly supports the provision of benefits that will help enrollees build their families and recognizes the valuable role ART and other fertility benefits play in recruitment and retention,” the letter read.

The annual call letter sets forth the policy goals and initiatives for the following year’s FEHB Program. It kicks off the negotiation process between OPM and health insurance companies that concludes later in the year with the announcement of new plan rates and terms and an open season to elect coverage for the following year.