Fight Continues to Stop Schedule F

NTEU joined more than 50 national organizations, advocacy groups and members of academia in urging Congress to pass a measure in year-end legislation that would help prevent another administration from establishing a new Schedule F within the federal government. 

An October 2020 executive order from then-President Trump threatened the nonpartisan professional workforce by potentially moving thousands of jobs into a newly created Schedule F, eliminating their due process protections and allowing them to be fired at will, with little recourse. President Biden rescinded the Trump order within hours of his inauguration.

But recently, some political candidates have pledged to continue working to reinstitute Schedule F immediately if they are elected.

“It is critical that Congress act this year to prevent future threats to this system. Proponents of Schedule F are still at work, crafting plans that would jeopardize America’s professional civil service system,” the coalition wrote last week to congressional leadership. “Once enacted, Schedule F would quickly cause turmoil that is not easily remedied.”

Watch our video to learn about why Schedule F is so harmful, what NTEU is doing to stop it and how you can help.