DOL Highlights Benefits of a Union Presence

There are significant advantages to having a union in the workplace, as NTEU members already know, and the Department of Labor has the data to prove it. 

'The Union Advantage', as DOL dubs it, shows union members have more job safety protections and better paid leave than non-union workers and are more secure exercising their rights in the workplace.

When it comes to pay, unions help reduce the wage gaps for women and people of color. Retirement security, scheduling fairness, and financial security are other ways unions benefit workers.

Union-represented employees participate in retirement plans at higher rates than non-union workers, are more likely to receive paid leave, get advance notice of their work schedules, and have more financial stability and upward mobility. Enforcement of safety and health laws is also more vigorous at unionized workplaces.

Labor unions have been improving workplaces for decades for all employees, not just union members.