Loan Forgiveness Deadline Oct. 31; Lawmakers Seek Extension

The deadline for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) limited waiver is Oct. 31, and NTEU urges its members to apply for this relief.

In Congress, NTEU supports a letter from a group of lawmakers urging the administration to extend the current waivers until permanent reforms are implemented next July.

“As you are aware, the limited PSLF waiver, announced last October, has significantly improved the lives of the more than 189,000 public servants who have had their student loans forgiven through the program and the one million who have received an average of one additional year of PSLF credit,” more than 100 lawmakers wrote to the Department of Education.

They added, “According to the Student Borrower Protection Center’s (SBPC) estimates, only 15 percent of the 9 million public service workers with student loan debt have filed paperwork to track their qualifying payments under PSLF.”

NTEU urges all members with outstanding student loan debt or who were previously denied forgiveness to apply for the limited waiver by the Oct. 31 deadline. If you have questions about your application, there are free webinars scheduled for Oct. 6, 17 and 25 that can help.