Chapter 173 Challenges Members to Get to Know Their Contract

Your NTEU contract is the most important document in your working life, but how well do you know it?

Chapter 173 (CBP Detroit) members had an added incentive to get to know their contract when the chapter hosted its first-ever “NTEYou Summer Challenge.” Each week in July and August, Chapter President Robert Holland emailed members a question about their NTEU-CBP contract. Members who replied with the correct answer were entered into a monthly drawing for one of eight $50 gas gift cards. Contract-savvy members who answered all the questions correctly were rewarded with extra entries in the drawings.  

Holland hoped the challenge would be a new and interactive way to get members involved and improve their understanding of the contract.

“Many members don't read it and don't know what’s in there,” Holland said. “And with gas prices so high, I felt everyone could use a little relief at the pump.”

The challenge was a hit, and members expressed how much they enjoyed participating.

Get to know your contract by downloading it from the “In Your Agency” section of the Members page. Got questions about it? Visit your NTEU representative.