House Members Press for 5.1 Percent Increase

A group of 62 House lawmakers is urging appropriators to provide federal employees with an average 5.1 percent pay increase in 2023.

That increase matches the NTEU-supported Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (FAIR) Act. This bill, introduced in the House and Senate, would provide a 4.1 percent across-the-board increase plus 1 percent for locality pay.

“In 2020, the Federal Salary Council stated that federal employees make an average of 23.1% less than their private sector counterparts,” the lawmakers wrote to leaders of the House Appropriations Committee. “With almost a third of the federal workforce eligible to retire in five years, we will face a talent crisis if we fail to make basic investments in federal pay that will attract early career talent to federal government service.”

In March, the White House released its 2023 budget blueprint calling for an average 4.6 percent pay increase. NTEU believes that proposal is a good starting point, however, given the years of below market pay increases and rising costs, supports the FAIR Act.

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