House Passes Omnibus Spending Bill, Four-Day Continuing Resolution

The House approved an omnibus spending bill to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year. 

The House also passed a four-day continuing resolution in case the Senate needs additional time to pass the omnibus bill before the current continuing resolution expires Friday.

Many NTEU-represented agencies will see funding boosts under the omnibus bill. 

The bill includes $12.6 billion for the IRS, an increase of $675 million above fiscal 2021 levels, which would be the agency’s largest funding boost since 2001. NTEU strongly supports the proposed funding increases for taxpayer services, enforcement, operations and business systems modernization.

While the bill does not include NTEU-supported funding for additional staffing at Customs and Border Protection, it does provide the necessary funding to maintain the current level of Office of Field Operations staffing and avoid furloughs.

The omnibus bill also includes funding boosts for other NTEU-represented agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Department of Energy and the Bureau of Fiscal Service.

Along with the increased funding, the bill directs the Office of Personnel Management to include in its annual telework report information on remote work during the pandemic. NTEU will utilize this data as we negotiate more robust and expanded telework programs at agencies.

The bill also continues the moratorium on A-76 competitions that would contract out additional federal jobs. 

NTEU is urging the Senate to pass the omnibus bill and avoid a lapse in appropriations. We will keep you updated on developments.