Your Contract: What Does it Really Mean?

The latest NTEU Bulletin covers one of the most important parts of your workplace: your contract.

Below is a preview of our cover story:

Your contract is so important because it provides for workplace programs, benefits and protections, and creates a process for resolving workplace disputes. It holds management accountable and ensures everyone has equal opportunities. Because every workplace is different, each NTEU contract is tailored to address the unique issues and concerns of those employees. But what doesn’t change are the goals of each NTEU bargaining team: to secure new rights and benefits, and provide critical workplace protections.

Here is a look at some of the hallmarks of an NTEU contract. You might be surprised to learn that they were negotiated by NTEU. In fact, many of the rights and benefits that make your workplace great are the result of years of hard work at the bargaining table.

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