President’s Management Agenda Seeks to Empower Federal Employees

The administration yesterday released the President’s Management Agenda, which emphasizes building a strong federal workforce and the important role unions play in the future of the federal government.

The blueprint outlines three goals for repairing damage done to the federal government and improving services for all Americans. They are:

-Strengthening and empowering the federal workforce;

-Delivering excellent federal services and improved customer experience for the American people; and

-Improving the management of the business of government.

The agenda stresses the administration’s commitment to respecting workers’ right to organize and bargain collectively and recognizes that federal unions have a large role to play by working in partnership with agencies to identify opportunities and make positive changes.

“NTEU welcomes the agenda’s emphasis on building a strong federal workforce by engaging with frontline employees,” said National President Tony Reardon. “Through their day-to-day work, frontline employees know how to improve their agencies in ways that make sense for taxpayers, agencies and workers.”

In addition, the PMA stresses the need to hire, retain and develop the people needed to deliver agency missions and acknowledges that, post-pandemic, the government needs to think differently about the future of the federal workplace and embrace expanded telework and flexible schedules. 

“Federal employees deliver from workplaces and kitchen tables and NTEU looks forward to working with agencies to make these opportunities available to wider portions of the federal workforce,” said Reardon.