20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, the unimaginable happened in our country.

Many of us still remember where we were, what we were doing and how we felt on that sunny day 20 years ago that quickly turned so tragic. Thousands of people never came home—the innocent victims and those who bravely sacrificed their lives in rescue efforts. 

While I remember that day with a heavy heart, I also feel tremendous pride in the spirit that emerged then and that drives us today. It’s a spirit of courage and resilience that cannot be crushed, and it is exemplified through your work every day. It’s the spirit of public service and it shines brightly even in our country’s darkest hours.

Federal employees were among the many public servants who responded to the attacks 20 years ago. From federal offices to our airports, you went to work because your fellow Americans needed you. NTEU members were among those brave and steadfast individuals who spent weeks and months at disaster sites stepping up to help our country heal. The knowledge that you have been there for America, are there for our country now and will continue to be there provides daily reassurance for our nation’s citizens. 

On this solemn anniversary, NTEU remembers those we lost, those who lost loved ones, and those who helped in the recovery. All of you are in my thoughts and know that NTEU is proud to work on behalf of such outstanding federal employees each and every day.

 National President Tony Reardon

Tony Reardon
National President