Reardon Slams ‘Dishonest Narrative’ in National Op-Ed

Today, GovExec published National President Tony Reardon’s call out against recent attacks on the federal workforce instead of productive discussion surrounding the establishment of a paid family leave program. 

In a recent congressional hearing, some members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee criticized pending legislation calling a program of this kind “enhanced work perks for federal bureaucrats” who “already enjoy a lavish set of benefits.”

“In what should have been a measured, thoughtful policy debate about paid family leave for federal employees,  a recent congressional hearing instead devolved into scurrilous attacks on the integrity and value of frontline federal workers around the country… it is possible to ask meaningful questions about the need for the program—whether it would help recruit and retain skilled employees, how much it would cost, the logistics of its implementation, or how it would guard against fraud—without attacking our country’s workforce,” Reardon wrote in the national media site.

NTEU is confident that with serious, honest debate the merits of this humane workplace policy will compel Congress to act and implement paid family leave in the federal government and maybe, one day, in every workplace in America. Read Reardon’s piece here.