Senate Confirms Ahuja as OPM Director

The Senate on Tuesday voted to confirm Kiran Ahuja as director of the Office of Personnel Management.

NTEU congratulates Ahuja on her confirmation as director of the Office of Personnel Management.

She has a long record of public service and the knowledge and experience that OPM needs to guide human resource policy. Of particular importance to federal employees is her commitment to protecting the non-partisan civil service and ensuring it reflects the diversity of the United States. The constant turnover at OPM during the last administration and repeated efforts to dismantle the office have been disruptive to the federal workforce, which needs OPM to have steady, professional leadership as it administers federal retirement programs and other human resource management priorities.

NTEU believes Ahuja will play a vital role in the government’s efforts to protect the health and safety of the federal workforce and ensure that employees are treated with dignity and respect.