A Message from the National President

I am deeply saddened and angry by what occurred this afternoon at the U.S. Capitol Building. Like some of you, I have spent time in that building, and stand in awe of what it represents and the public servants it houses each day.

Our union stands with everyone at the Capitol—faithful public servants who have chosen to serve their country. They are our brothers and sisters in government service and they were threatened for simply being at work and trying to do their jobs. Whether members of Congress, their staffs, security professionals, police officers or maintenance personnel, they left their homes and their families and went to work this morning because their work is the work of this nation. That work must continue and I hope that Congress moves quickly to finish what they gathered in the Capitol to do today and certify the results of the presidential election.

Today was a dark day for our country but I remain hopeful because of each of you: NTEU members who will continue to drive our democracy. Your dedication and commitment is on display every day and I am thankful to each of you and all the public servants across our country.

Stay well and stay strong.