House Passes One-Week CR; Awaiting Senate Action

Yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives approved a one-week continuing resolution keeping the government open and funded through Friday, Dec. 18. The Senate is expected to take up the legislation, and approve it, before the current CR expires Friday, Dec. 11.

Senators spent much of their day Thursday debating the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The House approved that legislation on Tuesday of this week. Senate votes on the NDAA, which contains language allowing federal employees to carry over additional annual leave in 2021, also is expected this week. This is the legislation the White House is threatening to veto.

Meanwhile, work continues on ironing out the omnibus funding bill that will determine budget levels for federal agencies for the remainder of this fiscal year and could contain language relating to a federal pay raise. While the president initially put a 1 percent increase in place, Senate appropriators recommended a pay freeze which President Trump then supported.

NTEU is working for a fair raise for federal employees. Also the subject of intense negotiations is a possible coronavirus relief bill. All of which can be summed up with time is tight and Congress still has a lot on its plate.