NTEU President Speaks Out in Op-Ed

Government Executive published National President Tony Reardon’s op-ed ‘Confronting Racism is Our American Duty’.

Speaking on the recently issued presidential executive order to eliminate programs educating federal employees about systemic racism, Reardon slammed the order and its potential impact.

“At this moment, political appointees and senior managers are under orders to turn their agencies upside down in a frantic effort to review any training or professional education programs that mention diversity or inclusion in an effort to comply with the president's executive order," wrote Reardon.

Reardon stands by the belief the federal government should be the example on facing systemic racism through a workforce reflective of our diverse country, not thwarting programs aimed at training employees.

“The training is driven by the ideology that America’s imperfections are fixable but only with open eyes and hard work, and federal employees stand ready to do their part.”

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