NTEU Statement on Canceling Diversity Training

The federal government should be a leader in fostering open and honest discussions about systemic racism in our country, not trying to shut them down. Holding these discussions in federal workplaces is not just the right thing to do, it is necessary and essential. 

We strongly disagree with the administration’s order to cancel training that would allow a deeper understanding of each other and a recognition of the value of every employee. Too many voices have been ignored, if not silenced for too long. The U.S. civil service is a large, diverse workforce and those differences need to be understood, respected and welcomed, not disparaged or ignored.

In addition to the regressive decision to end diversity training, we have strong concerns about the administration’s order that individual employees be disciplined for conducting such training. This is a heavy-handed and unnecessarily punitive order designed to intimidate federal employees. Left unchecked, this administration will continue its efforts to hollow out our government and silence employees and their representatives. NTEU will continue to challenge all these efforts to ensure that all employees feel welcomed, included and valued in the workplace.  Dignity and respect for federal employees is our mission, and it should be the administration’s as well.