Approval of Labor Unions Remains High

A new poll shows that Americans' approval of labor unions is at the highest it has been since 2003, when the rate hit 65 percent.

According to Gallup, which has been tracking Americans’ perceptions on labor unions since the 1930s, approval of unions is at one of the highest rates in half a century.

Public support for unions hit its lowest point of 48 percent in 2009 during the Great Recession.

Gallup‘s research typically ties union approval ratings with the economy, however the coronavirus-fueled economic crisis has not harmed public opinion of unions. Pollsters believe this could be because the economy is not viewed as the single most important problem facing the nation. Roughly one in five respondents each cited the coronavirus, the economy, race relations and leadership as the biggest U.S. problem.

Of the 1,031 adult Americans polled this summer, 10 percent said they are a union member, and 16 percent said there is a union member in their household. 

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