A Statement from NTEU National President Tony Reardon

Like many of you, I watched the murder of George Floyd with disbelief, anger and deep sadness.

This horrific event sparked demonstrations and raised voices across our land that speak to centuries of racial and economic injustice, to violent actions that result in senseless deaths like those we've seen in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Dallas and far too many other communities. It is heartbreaking and infuriating that so many of us, our loved ones, friends, neighbors and community members are still fighting for an equal chance to succeed, to be recognized, to be heard, and fundamentally, to be able to live. The long history of racism in our country continues to this day and the frustration, anger and despair of Americans who have had enough is deafening.

As a labor union, we must stand up for those who feel voiceless by linking our arms with theirs and we must speak up and speak out in support of ALL those we represent.  It is essential that we strive every day to protect employees from harassment, discrimination and targeting based on their color or race. We must level the playing field so that what matters are your skills and ability and only your skills and ability. That is our mission day in and day out—to fight for dignity and respect for EVERY federal employee. We are guided by the values that built this union and that we live by today and will follow tomorrow.

We must never stand by silently when we witness acts of oppression and inhumanity. That is not what we are about or who we are as a union. We are strong and proud. We are united in our belief that every individual matters and in our shared humanity. We must welcome all to our union because we recognize that we are truly strengthened by all. Federal employees are the backbone of this country and our country needs you now. 

Stay safe, stay strong and let us stand together. Because together we can—we must—build a better future for our federal government and our nation, and all people who live under our flag.