NTEU's IRS Puerto Rico Chapter Steps Up for Members

Chapter 193 (IRS Puerto Rico) is coming through in a big way for its members. When the IRS shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) was delayed, the chapter stepped in to distribute masks and care kits for members in need.

“The need of our members in the midst of a pandemic is without a precedent and having the agency’s PPE shipment delayed inspired us to look out for each other,” said Chapter 193 Interim President Lorena Montan. “Employees were called to work in the building and asked to bring their own PPE and NTEU wanted to make sure they were protected.”

Chapter 193’s Interim Board including Montan, Secretary Laura Gonzalez and Treasurer Pedro Gazmey called a virtual meeting and agreed to distribute care kits. Montan took the lead in preparing the kits with the goal of keeping them as sanitary and sterile as possible.  

The response from chapter members has been one of appreciation and relief, especially with the increased difficulty of finding supplies on the island.

“We keep hearing how reassuring is for our members—they know NTEU has their back in times of need,” said Montan. “We just do this from our hearts, looking one out for each other, as it should be.”

 Pictured is Chapter President Lorena Montan, safely distributing masks and care kits.

Ch, 193 Coronavirus Care Kits