A Valentine for Federal Employees

Cards? Flowers? Chocolates? Here’s a look at how NTEU members are working to make sure your Valentine’s Day is a good one.

Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialists are on the job checking that imported flowers are pest and disease free. In fact, the week of Valentine's Day week is typically one of the busiest periods of the year for Agriculture Specialists. Did you know the most common prohibited flowers and plant foliage are chrysanthemums and choisya (an ornamental foliage filler)? While beautiful, these flowers are prohibited because they are known to harbor harmful pests and disease.

The Environmental Protection Agency is recommending a green Valentine. When buying greeting cards in a store, the EPA suggests looking for those sourced with recycled materials or consider e-cards. Better yet, the agency suggests making something homemade by reusing cardboard (those are always the best anyway!).

For those looking to celebrate the holiday with the beauty of nature, the National Park Service has you covered. Here’s a list of gorgeous backdrops perfect for a special Valentine’s Day.

And if your holiday chocolates contain an allergen that isn’t labeled on the box, you can count on the Food and Drug Administration to warn consumers about the allergen.

NTEU has our own Valentine’s Day message for our members: