Two Chapters Host Successful Health Fairs

Two NTEU chapters representing IRS employees provided their members with important and helpful health fairs to provide face-to-face conversations during federal benefits open season.

Since 2014, Chapter 68 (IRS Andover Campus) has hosted a NTEU-members only health fair following an IRS decision to move to online information only. This year, nearly 400 people came to NTEU’s event.

“The health fairs are so important because I believe they satisfy a serious need for our members,” said Chapter 68 President Gary Karibian. “There is nothing virtual that can take the place of a face-to-face discussion, especially when dealing with complicated matters like insurance. NTEU brings these vendors to our members so they can get the answers they need from the professionals.”

At Chapter 238 (IRS San Jose), Chief Steward and Vice President Lisa Lord organized its health fair so that employees could continue to have that one-on-one connection with health insurance companies. More than 70 employees in attendance also had access to representatives from a local health club and healthy meal preparation company. 

“We were excited to organize and host this for our membership,” said Chapter President Larry Kakos. “We also showed prospective members that the union is not only involved in but cares about their well-being.”

The feedback to the fair has been very positive, with several employees personally thanking Lord for organizing this event and requesting another one next year.

“Health fairs are beneficial because employees have the opportunity to discuss their health plans and potential picks for health plans with representatives, instantaneously,” said Lord. “Employees can ask the questions that are most important to them and make more informed decisions about which plan to choose. Having this event was beneficial for Chapter 238 because it further demonstrates our genuine care and concern for the employees we represent.”

Health fair