FDA Offers Friendly Halloween Tips (Not Tricks!)

On Halloween and year-round, NTEU-represented employees at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are working to keep kids (and adults) safe. Here are some seasonal safety reminders from the FDA.

For trick-or-treaters, the FDA reminds parents to avoid treats that aren’t ‘commercially’ wrapped properly. And be mindful of unusual wrapper appearances, discoloration, tiny holes or tears in wrappers. Those can go into the trash.

Having a party at home? Double-check your witches brew—unpasteurized juice or cider can contain harmful bacteria like salmonella.

And few things are more scary than the flu, so check out the FDA’s new spin on bobbing for apples that doesn’t spread germs.

If you’re going all out in the costume department, the FDA just issued guidelines for accessories, like altered contacts, to keep your costume safe. In fact, you can watch one NTEU member explain how she keeps Halloween makeup and costume contact lenses safe for kids. 

NTEU wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!